About Sanela Osmic


Sanela Osmic is the Founder and Managing Director of Ethical Governance. Working with a wide variety of individuals and organizations, Sanela helps her clients achieve transformational results by providing executive coaching, consulting and training solutions.

Sanela grew up in a small town in Bosnia and Hercegovina. At a very young age she was exposed to the Bosnian war which schooled her greatly on uncertainty, change and the ability to adjust. As a child she learned how to live through life’s most challenging times…how to face reality yet not let your circumstances define who you are. Most importantly, she learned to overcome challenges by developing strong resilience and leading from the inside out.

Sanela brings to the company extensive professional experience amassed through a wide variety of roles and industries. She served as an officer and committee member on various community organizations; worked in the finance industry as well as professional services helping her clients identify the right professional development solutions and promoting diversity in the boardroom. Sanela is also lecturing on various business subjects.

In 2014 Sanela decided to start her own coaching company and partnered with one of her mentors, world’s foremost leadership guru John C Maxwell. She became a certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Speaker and Trainer.

Sanela speaks several languages and has a deep understanding of different cultures through living in Bosnia, Germany and Australia. She is very passionate about social justice, equity and social inclusion.

Sanela’s belief that the world can truly be a better place is contagious and inspiring.


Professional Education

Sanela has a strong platform of education, including a double degree in Economics and International Trade; Master of International Business for which she received a Dean’s Commendation Award for Academic Excellence from La Trobe University. Currently she is pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) with her thesis focusing on Ethics and Governance.

Empowerment Mentoring

As someone who went through a war at a very young age; the challenges of moving to a new country and adjusting to a completely different culture – twice so far – Sanela more than understands the importance of self-belief and personal growth. 

Her aim as an executive coach is to empower her clients to take ownership of their goals and dreams; and realize their fullest potential by using the most advanced neuroscience-based training. She does that through personal development programs, one-on-one coaching and the empowerment mentoring program which has been designed to suit the busy professional.


Specialized Knowledge and Skills:

  • Human Potential & Mindset
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Ethical Corporate Culture
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Governance
  • Board Ethics Evaluation
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Diversity
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Coaching & Mentoring

Relevant Experience:

  • Relationship Management
  • Ethical Stakeholder Engagement
  • Government Relations
  • Professional Development Planning


Call us today at 03 9909 7104 or email us at info@ethicalgovernance.com.au to find out how Sanela can help you get started on your journey of transformation.