Meet Sanela Osmic GAICD, Founder and Managing Director of Ethical Governance. Sanela is a highly sought-after consultant, trainer and executive coach, who has helped a wide range of individuals and organisations achieve transformational results.

Sanela’s journey from Bosnia to global impact, is one of triumph over adversity, culminating in her unwavering commitment to creating meaningful change in communities worldwide.

She brings to the company nearly twenty years of professional experience across multiple industries including finance, professional services, disability, government and education. She has worked for companies such as GE Capital – the financial services division of multinational conglomerate General Electric, Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), annecto, icare NSW and lectured at various educational institutions across Australia. Throughout her career, Sanela has consistently demonstrated her ability to improve governance, streamline processes and increase efficiency, while also leading organisations through significant periods of transformation.

Sanela’s passion for governance began early in her career when she worked for the AICD. She quickly recognised the critical role that good governance plays in the success of an organisation and has been a champion of ethical governance ever since. Over the years, Sanela has served on a number of boards and committees, and has worked as a consultant and educator in the governance space. 

Sanela’s multicultural background and multilingualism enable her to forge connections across the globe. She is very passionate about diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice, and loves working with organisations that have a strong sense of purpose and a commitment to making a positive impact on their communities.

Professional Education

Sanela is a highly educated individual with an impressive background in academia. She holds a double degree in Economics and International Trade, as well as a Master of International Business from La Trobe University. Her academic excellence was recognised with a Dean’s Commendation Award.

Her commitment to lifelong learning and professional development didn’t stop there. Sanela is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and has partnered with her mentor, the world-renowned leadership guru John C Maxwell, to become a certified John Maxwell Team Coach, Speaker and Trainer. Sanela is also a certified Emotional Intelligence (EI) Practitioner, which allows her to help individuals and organisations improve ethical governance, develop their emotional intelligence skills and enhance their leadership capabilities.

Sanela’s extensive experience, coupled with her passion for ethical governance and commitment to ethical decision-making, makes her a trusted advisor to individuals and organisations looking to achieve their goals.

Whether you need coaching, consulting or training solutions, Sanela has  the expertise to help you navigate the complex challenges of the business world. Get in touch with Sanela today to learn how she can help you transform your organisation.