About Us


Ethical Governance: Promoting Ethical Business Practices on a Global Scale,
One Decision at a Time


At Ethical Governance, we want to team with you to promote ethical culture, leadership and decision-making in your life, your organization, and your world. Together we will tackle ethics issues with our unique range of frameworks and practical tools. Armed with a better understanding of ethics and ethical values, you can spark a positive transformation in your personal and professional environment, one day, and one decision at a time.

Ethical Governance: Our Foundation

While working on her post-graduate research and a value-based governance model, Sanela Osmic identified that ethics and human behaviour have been neglected in current governance models. In 2014 Sanela decided to fill the gap by combining cutting-edge research and years of practical experience and founded a proprietary limited company – Ethical Governance Pty Ltd.

Our Global Mission: Starting Small

At Ethical Governance we believe that humans are inherently good and every human being has a great potential and ability to create desirable results in every aspect of their life – regardless of their culture, gender, age, economic status, race or religion. Our mission is simple: to empower individuals to implement ethics into every decision they make.

We fuel our global mission by providing coaching, consulting and training services. We can help you improve ethical culture of your organization by developing a shared language of ethical values and breaking down complicated ethical dilemmas into discrete and workable steps.

Our Goals

With the growing prevalence of competing interests and society’s ever-increasing expectations of leaders, it is imperative to provide a foundation for the inter-connectivity of business, morals, ethics, values and society. Our top priority is to help develop authentic, ethical leaders who have strong moral underpinnings to support the decisions they make. Our goals include:

  • Increasing ethics awareness.
  • Understanding why ethics matters.
  • Helping leaders discover their authentic leadership style.
  • Assisting organizations create ethical culture where doing the right thing matters.
  • Support in creating a strategic alignment between vision, core values and daily activities.
  • Restoring public trust into the corporate, public and Not-For-Profit sectors.

Ethical Governance: A Different Approach

The Ethical Governance team brings cutting-edge research and practical experience in the field of ethics, governance, emotional intelligence, leadership and ethical decision making. Our approach goes beyond just the business realm. We take a unique path by focusing on the human element because leadership is not about leading others it is about leading yourself. Hence why we concentrate on strengthening the individual character.

Our programs create a deep, personal and meaningful change in our client’s lives. We want to help you truly grasp the immense capacity you have to positively impact the lives of everyone you touch; and by doing so you can make the world a better place. Only once we set that essential foundation, we help you accelerate your success in every aspect of your life and become the greatest version of yourself.

Our Values

We also adhere to a set of values as an organization. The values we hold ourselves fully accountable to are the following:

Equity : We treat everyone fairly and value diversity.
Trustworthiness : We build strong relationships with our clients based on mutual trust.
Humility : We are committed to continuous growth by keeping our modesty.
Integrity : We align our behaviour with our values.
Compassion : We care for each individual and show empathy.
Servanthood : We live our values by adding value to others.