Sanela with her mentor Dr John C Maxwell


Are you someone who thinks that there is more to life and you still haven’t accomplished everything you hoped to?

Do you feel like there is “something” inside you, a real treasure, that is just waiting to be discovered?

Do you feel like you are somehow stuck and don’t know how to move forward in your career and your life?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions than you need a coach, someone who is going to help you move your success beyond imagination. All great leaders have one. Athletes or sport teams will tell you the coach is the one who takes them to the finish line and beyond. Regardless which industry you are in, if you want to achieve extraordinary results, you need a coach.


What is a Coach?

A coach is someone who brings out the best in the client. Coaching can transform your life by empowering you to take ownership of your goals. While the official coaching relationship may be short lived, the impact of a great coach is threefold: personal, organizational and lasting. Willing coachees stand not only to be forever changed, but also to become a revitalized and important leader on the teams to which they belong. A coach enables you to identify what is hindering your growth and tap into the corners of your potential you only dreamed of.

Coaching Program: Frequently Asked Questions


How many coaching sessions make up the Coaching Program?

A minimum of six coaching sessions is required to ensure long-lasting impact. Sessions can be held weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on the program agreed upon.

How long are the sessions?

We have found that the most effective sessions are about 60 minutes long. You can also join our transformational retreats.

How will I put what I learn in coaching into practice?

In order to truly internalize and own the lessons that are presented during each coaching session, your coach will develop action-oriented assignments for you and your fellow participants. We also direct you to helpful reading material for further study and growth.

Who should register?

Growth-driven professionals with a strong desire to succeed who are ready to take their leadership skills to the next level. Ethical Governance is a strong advocate of diversity and social inclusion, hence women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds are strongly encouraged to join this program.

How will you benefit?

You will be reinvigorated, encouraged and empowered by this fruitful relationship. You will have a stronger idea of your true purpose in life. Coaching will enable you to develop a clear, strategic plan on how to reach your goals – both personal and professional – and make your dreams become reality.

How will your organization benefit?

Your organization will have everything to gain from this process. Your organizational growth should mirror that of your personal journey. With personal values and purpose firmly in place, you will have deeper clarity on what values and purpose should drive the entire organization.

How much does it cost?

As one session might be enough to get you going it is not sufficient to ensure your success. That is why we have developed a Success Package consisting of six one-hour coaching sessions. The package costs $2,640 AUD.

Are we willing to travel?

Yes, travel is part of the business and it will be determined on a need basis.

Take ownership of your dreams!

Contact us at to book a no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs and how we can help you fast track your success.

During our consultation, we will guide you to discover and create a structured growth plan which will enable you to clarify your purpose and gain a clear direction in life.

If you are someone who already knows that coaching is for you and you are ready to get started immediately than the Success Package is right for you. You can register now.

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