Ethical Culture Assessment


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Gain Competitive Advantage by Improving Your Ethical Culture

Would you like to decrease your staff turnover rate?

Would you like your staff to be more productive? More engaged? More fulfilled?

Maintaining a strong ethical culture is much more than simply complying with the laws and regulations. It is more about fairness, encouragement, and communication at all levels.

A strong ethical culture helps you align and integrate your vision and values – such as honesty, fairness and excellence – into daily tasks.


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” ~ Peter Drucker

the most effective means to prevent fraud is to create a culture of ethics and moral dimension within your own company. This means that by creating and nurturing a culture in which anyone can voice what they see as wrong-doing, either through fraud hotlines, confidential disclosure to management, etc., fraud can be mitigated further. – See more at:

Our uniquely developed Ethical Culture Assessment helps you understand your ethical environment, promote value-based organizational practices and gain competitive advantage.

When employee feel like the leadership team LISTENS to them they tend to be more engaged.

The survey is divided into four different parts and measures the following:

  • Vision, Values and Beliefs
  • Leadership Integrity
  • Ethical Environment
  • Talent Appreciation

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