Demystifying Ethics Masterclass




Maintaining Values On and Off the Clock

Your personal values and business goals need not be at odds. In fact, aligning your values and the way you do business may give your organization a competitive edge over companies whose employees left their moral compass at the door. It turns out that doing well may just be good business.

Our Demystifying Ethics Masterclass acts as a great Ethics 101 or Ethics refresher course for organizations across any sector and will help you keep your ethical compass pointing to north around the clock –without sacrificing successful outcomes for yourself or your organization.

The masterclass will equip you with the following:

  • Recognize what ethics is and why it matters.
  • Understand the difference between personal and professional ethics.
  • Be able to answer whose values to follow when going global.
  • Identify ways to create ethical culture.
  • Practical framework for confidently embracing ethical dilemmas.
  • How to use ethics to create long-term value for all stakeholders.

Bottom line: participants will feel more confident about how to truly act with ethics as their guide on and off the clock.



Professional Ethics Masterclass: How will you benefit?

Corporate Ethics Fact: You do not have to leave your personal values at home when you head out for work each morning. In reality, your values are the most important asset you will take with you each day from your commute to the corner office and back home again.

Here’s another core business ethics truth: We understand that you are running a business. We fully believe that you can be dedicated to ethics and still seek profit and compete for new leads with a focus on fairness, honesty and integrity. In fact, if you conduct yourself this way in the workplace, you will naturally build a reputation that exudes fairness, honesty and integrity – not scandal, scams and public disgrace. Which reputation seems more likely to encourage and maintain long lasting business relationships?

That question brings to light yet another ethics tenant: Ethical leadership and values will give teams a competitive edge over those willing to use unsavory means to get ahead or who treat their own employees badly for personal gain or satisfaction.


You can contact us at to inquire about our upcoming public cessions or to discuss your own session during which we will help you set your course for ethical behavior all day, every day.