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Ethical Culture Assessment

At Ethical Governance, we believe that there is more to creating an ethical culture than simply addressing inconsistencies and concerns on the business level. Focusing on each individual’s values and helping them better understand ethics and ethical values in their daily decisions is also crucial for setting the foundation for change in your company — and across the globe.

Our ethical culture assessment helps organizations understand their ethical environments, promote principled organizational practices and maintain their competitive advantages. Our uniquely designed survey enables you to gauge your employees’ perception on how well your organization promotes and supports an ethical culture.

The survey is divided into four different parts:

  • Values and Beliefs – asks employees to identify the values that are most important to them, at home and at work. It asks what beliefs support these values and what behaviors would demonstrate one is living these values. Additionally, respondents are asked to what extent they apply the identified values in their workplace; why or why not.
  • Leadership Integrity – clarifies whether employees believe management upholds the company Code of Ethics or do they feel that standards are only given lip service. It examines employees’ perception on whether virtues like honesty and high integrity are demonstrated in practice.
  • Ethical Environment – asks employees do they feel confident to express their views, especially those that may not be perceived as “popular”. Is there a general feeling that doing the right thing matters?
  • Talent Appreciation – questions how effectively employees feel their skills were put to use and do they think the organization stimulates top performance by adequate reward.

Maintaining a strong ethical culture is much more than simply complying with the laws and regulations. It is more about fairness, encouragement, and communication at all employee levels. We equip you with tools that enable your employees to align their behaviour with the company vision and engage in ethical decision-making which will lead to a significant improvement in staff engagement.

If you are ready to begin working toward a genuinely ethical culture, contact us today for a free consultation. During our complimentary conversation, we can answer any questions you may have about our ethical culture assessment.

One phone call can inspire the kind of value-based decision making for your organization, and each team member, that can change the world, for good. Get started today!