Practical Wisdom


Practical Wisdom

Perfect Your Noble Character!

Imagine an ethics training program that doesn’t feel like a class at all. Imagine that you could work and engage with other serious professionals who are deeply passionate about affecting global change just like you. Imagine that you could put all your previous ethics training into real, dynamic practice.

Our innovative (and practical) round table session Practical Wisdom will fulfill all these goals and more. It is designed to perfect the noble character you already possess.

Who should register?

This “real-life” round table session has been designed specifically for serious professionals with a rich background in organizational leadership and a thirst for even deeper knowledge and application. In short, we are looking for people who are ready to change the world!

How will this session be different from any other ethics training?

In this sessions participants build character by using real-life ethical dilemmas. The sessions are designed to successfully incorporate ethics into the decision-making by using a practical framework.

How will you benefit?

Through these round table sessions, participants develop a number of concrete skills for integrating ethical concepts into business decision-making and management practices that they face on a daily basis. You can expect to develop the following skills:

  • Increase ethics awareness.
  • Develop the courage to make a stand for the right thing.
  • Understand how to use the power and responsibilities you have over others.
  • Be able to create transformation within yourself and your environment.

Small steps create big changes!


This program can be delivered in-house as well with both, your board and the executive team. Transform your boardroom into the most meaningful classroom you’ve ever entered.

Contact us at to schedule your own program or to inquire about our public program dates.

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